Saturday, April 18, 2009

I am delighted to announce ...

I am delighted to announce that after living in these fine and wonderful United States of America for fifteen years, I have now completed my journey to citizenship.

On Thursday, I attended the Oath Ceremony at the Federal Courthouse in Big City and with Sis. Geek and the geeklets watching raised my right hand and swore at, I mean to, the judge and then received my certificate of citizenship.

While I'm obviously very happy about this, it's interesting that very little felt different. The Lord had already caused me to feel at home in this country, my state and especially the town that I pastor in. So, in many ways, the citizenship thing was just the law catching up with what God had already set in place. Either way, I am delighted to be a citizen of the greatest country that exists at this time.

I took treats to work on Friday and found it very interesting that with only a very few exceptions, it was mostly others who had also sought (or are currently seeking) U.S. citizenship who came and congratulated me. Do people born here not realise the magnificent portion of good luck that they received when they became American by birth? I fear that many do not.