Saturday, June 6, 2009

Set the bar too high?

So there I am at the fellowship after oldest geeklet's piano recital and I was going through the line for snacks (Mmmm ... snacks!) when I overheard just a snippit of the conversation between piano instructor's husband and some other parent.

Other parent was complaining that people (I assume he meant us evil conservatives) were alledging that President Obama was setting the bar too high. Don't know which bar.

Piano instructor's husband replied, to the effect of "well, why not set the bar high?"

I was under strict instructions to be on my best behavior (even had to take my NRA cap off at the recital), so I refrained from joining the conversation and pointing out that when President Obama even seems to know where the bar is, that he has trouble clearing it on the lowest settings!

It really sucks having a president who still needs training wheels for his leadership role.