Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ladies Retreat

Umm, no, I didn't attend our district's Ladies Retreat. Sister Geek went with several ladies from the church. I took time off from work to stay and look after our Geeklets.

What did we do? Well, we have a fairly well established tradition at this point as we've been doing this for several years and we have pretty much the same routine every year. I checked with the Geeklets before the long weekend and they still wanted to follow the usual pattern. So we did. As the best weather was forecast for Thursday, we went to the zoo and then followed that with the aquarium on Friday because we don't mind being inside on an overcast day.

This is a wonderful combination as it's interesting to both me and them. We also have plenty of opportunity for quality daddy time. Much fun was had by all. A good thing really as they spend months looking forward to this event every year.

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