Thursday, September 9, 2010


Goodness, I see that it's been a while since I posted. Thankfully I don't have much of a following and am on only one blog roll that I know of, so I think that the Internet will survive. Still, I think that this would be a good outlet for me, if I can just make myself be more diligent with it.

The problem has not been a lack of things to say or interesting occurrences to report on. Those have been many and varied. Rather, the silence here has been because of a lack of consistent direction in how I want to take this blog. Initially, I thought that a mostly anonymous blog (how many ex-athiest, formerly British, apostolic pastors can there be in the mid-west?) would allow me to capture some of my adventures. Then I started thinking about blogging under my name, but then I got to thinking that would reduce what I felt comfortable writing about. So, I think it's safe to say that I have come full circle and will just stick with being (mostly) anonymous.

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