Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's All Good

Have you ever thought about the word "good"? It's used 720 times in the King James Version of the bible and represents (if my arithmetic is right) 49 different Greek and Hebrew words. This tells me that it's a very versatile word, used to describe many different aspects of that concept. The fact that the word "good" is used to describe the works of God and as one of the attributes of God, suggests to me that we have been undervaluing this fine word. During the creation, when God had finished with each day's work, he reviewed it and saw that it was good. Jesus was described as going about "doing good". Lastly, Jesus described himself as the "good shepherd". Next time you see the word good used in the bible, remember that it means bigger and better things than it's small size might normally indicate. God is good!

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