Monday, January 4, 2010

A Good Day For Customer Service

I hate calling anywhere for customer service. Even when I keep my expectations low, I usually find myself deeply disappointed. So, imagine my trepidation at needing to make two such phone calls! I needed to call Starbucks and the NRA Store.

My Starbucks Gold Card (colored black to confuse people) is coming to it's end and I needed to register it so that my account balance could transfer over to the new card (actually colored gold this time). Only the numbers on the card were all but worn off. It took both myself and the lovely (and younger) Sis. Geek wearing reading glasses to be able to read the main number, but neither of us could read the security code numbers which were smaller to start with. Thus, I called customer care after reading the FAQ on their website carefully. The customer service representative that answered was amazingly helpful and while he couldn't read the numbers himself over the phone line, he went one better and registered me for the new card anyway and pre-started me at Gold level memebership. That's excellent customer service and one more reason for me to continue enjoying Starbucks coffee.

Next, I needed to call the NRA Store. I had a gift-certificate from my in-laws (have I mentioned that I have the greatest in-laws?) for the NRA Store. Unfortunately, their website does not accept their own paper gift certificates. It happens, so I called in my order. The very nice lady I spoke to then promptly had difficulty getting their in-house system to accept the gift-certificate either. This is why I normally try to do everything by the web these days. After being put on hold, she worked with a supervisor and about five minutes later came back and had everything sorted. Most excellent! (As Bill and Ted would say) So, I can now look forward to my new NRA life-member hat that I *had* to order after upgrading my membership as my year end present to myself.

That's two helpings of excellent customer service in one day. I must be dreaming!

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