Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pro-Choice Except For When They Aren't

Is it just me? There seems to be a super-sized storm going over the advertisment that Focus On The Family wants to run during the soon coming Superbowl. My understanding is that no one has actually seen the ad yet, but that the basic outline is available and is the mother of a football player speaking about problems during her pregnancy and her choice to continue with that pregnancy. After all the dancing monkeys, beer commercials with scantily clad women and even wardrobe malfunctions, this seems pretty uncontentious.

Enter NOW, the National Organization of Women, a pretty much washed up group who have a 100% record of siding with anyone other than conservative women. They are now (no pun intended) proclaiming that they are deeply offended by the mere idea of this advertisement. And yet after reading the entry on the FOTF blog, it appears what they are actually upset about is that this mother made a choice. They say they're for choice, but their actions tell us that they only like choices in favor of dead babies. The live ones seem to give them conniptions.

Can we start calling them "pro-death"? They have now forfeit the pro-choice label by being so upset over a mother who actually made one.

And Sarah Palin had some excellent words on the matter too.

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