Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Worst Part of the Job

After two and a half years of pastoring, the day I haven't been looking forward to arrived and I lost a member of my congregation. Sis. P was involved in an automobile accident yesterday and went to be with the Lord this afternoon.

Much as I love pastoring, it hurts and I don't ever want to get used to that feeling.


Borepatch said...

I could never do what you do -I don't have the strength.

God speakes in the strangest Voice, sometimes.

Pastor Geek said...

Thanks Borepatch. I love your blog and your writing style.

I can tell you that many days the pastor doesn't feel like he has the strength either. That's when you know you're leaning on the Lord.

Stephany said...

That's the hard part of your job, suffering pain and loss, and telling others to have faith it was for a reason (their pain and loss).

I was impressed with a pastor who had to stand up every Sunday, after the death of his daughter and promised the church family that since it had been a year he would try and let them comfort him...sharing grief a very big lesson for those of us who feel weak if we ask for help and support.

Found you via Bore Patch! have a nice Sunday!

radar said...

Thank you for putting my blog on your blogroll, I am honored! I am going to reciprocate. I think reading your posts will help those not in ministry better understand their pastor and how much it takes to do the job by the power and grace of God.

I am called to preach but fortunately not called to pastor and I know the difference. May God give you strength for what you do is vital and difficult and must be out of love.

Knowing that feeling of being weak and being carried by God...

Pastor Geek said...

Stephany: Thank you. It can be hard to allow others to minister to you when your whole life is centered around you ministering.

Radar: The honor is mine sir. Keep up the good work.